Episode 10: Exclamation Point
Season 1, Episode 10

Air date May 20th, 2016 (original), December 27th, 2017 (latest re-upload)
Written by Lynnzl, Sean Crastien
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Exclamation Point is the tenth episode.

Summary Edit

The episode starts by Walter, Silver and Starlight surrounding Onyx. They are deciding on what to do with her, and, with Walter being the most dominant one, things aren't looking good for Onyx, until Kwebso shows up and tells the patrol that he's the one who is responsible for Onyx, as ordered by Rufus. The dog also tells them of how Silkey is gathering a patrol to bring down One-eye, and the wolves leave, followed by Kwebso safely taking Onyx to the Clan border to let her go.

In scene two, Shiba and One-eye are fighting, while the rest watches how the Andeo's Dark Guardian almost kills One-eye, only to be stopped by Lynn's Guardian. Shiba faces Lynn and both of their Guardians fight. Shiba's ends up killing Lynn's, which causes the pup a great deal of pain as her Dark Guardian fades into nothing. One-eye lets out a worried cry for his adopted daughter, which causes Shiba to almost kill him. She approaches him, and the old wolf is helpless because he stumbled and his bad leg is limiting him in his movement, but just when Shiba dives for him at a great speed, he dodges her, causing her to hit her head on the rocky ground. The impact kills her instantly and her wings and Dark Guardian fade along with her life. Strike and Tora don't have a clear view on the fight and think that it was actually One-eye who killed their friend, and they leave, distraught and livid, despite One-eye trying to convince her that he didn't mean to kill Shiba. He tries the same with Lynn and Abbie. Lynn seems to believe him, but faints from the pain of losing her Dark Guardian after confirming this, while Abbie leaves to go and have a talk with her childhood friend.

Abbie manages to catch up with Strike and Tora and again tries to get through to them that Shiba's death wasn't intentional, but Strike, very upset, says that Shiba was right about One-eye, that Abbie should never follow a monstrosity like him, and she, along with Tora, then leaves Abbie and their friendship behind.

Not long into fleeing back to their farms, Tora and Strike encounter Onyx, who is now out of Clan property safe and sound. They're glad to be reunited, but very sad that they lost Shiba, and they decided to go back to their farms forever and never go back in the wild again.

At the Main Base of the Clan, Silkey is gathering a patrol of wolf soldiers to go after One-eye with and kill him forever. Taima expresses that she wants to be the one to kill the old wolf, but Silkey brashly takes the lead and wants to do it herself.

Later, Abbie, Lynn and One-eye return to the den. Abbie is rather quiet because her friendship with Strike had to end so badly and abruptly after she just found her back. One-eye makes it clear that he feels sorry for her, but is also somewhat angry with her seemingly not stopping with being moping. Lynn, now recovered from having her Dark Guardian stripped away form her, is scouting ahead and sniffing the ground, mentioning that she doesn't recognize these scents. One-eye is dismissive at first, but when he catches up to her, he is surprised to see Silkey and her assassin patrol at the den, ready to kill him.

Goofs Edit

  • When Lynn almost manages to pull herself free from Abbie for the first time, her smaller forelock vanishes.
  • When Lynn loses her Dark Guardian because Shiba's killed hers, in the shot of both One-eye and Shiba watching this, both are staring in different directions. One-eye stares to the right of the screen, giving the impression Lynn is there, while Shiba is staring straight ahead.
  • When Shiba dies and her Dark Guardian and wings fade, her eyes are transparent.
  • Right before One-eye shouts "No, I didn't!", he doesn't have his smaller forehead scar.
  • The same thing happens in the very next shot he appears in.
  • When Abbie catches up to Strike and Tora, here lines don't sync up with her mouth.
  • When Strike explains to Onyx what happened to Shiba, her lower body is improperly layered in some frames.
  • Onyx doesn't have any freckles in the last shot she appears in.
  • In the shot at 5:33, there is a black bar besides Sai.
  • Ash's belly marking isn't drawn properly in some frames.
  • Due to a rendering mistake, when Abbie explains her past with Strike to One-eye, the old wolf's outlines keep twitching back and forth.

Trivia Edit

  • One-eye was originally going to kill Shiba in an earlier draft, but this would be too out of character after the heartfelt conversation Lynn and One-eye had in episode 8, so it was removed.
  • New titlecard art was done by Cylithren
  • The final episode to include the Cattledogs.
    • Coincidentally, this is also the episode where two of the three speaking Cattledogs have their voices replaced.