Episode 2: The Call of Kitty
Season 1, Episode 2

Air date February 14th, 2013 (original), October 25th, 2017 (lastest reupload)
Written by Lynnzl
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The Call of Kitty is the second episode from All Lone Ones.


One year passed after Norders death, and One-eye took Lynn with him. The episode starts with Lynn, trying to "hunt" at One-eye. She wakes him up, and he gets angry at her for trying to hunt, mainly because he is afraid that if she finds out she can survive by herself she'll leave him. Then, One-eye goes hunting. Lynn stays in the den. Then, suddenly an unknown kitty appears. Her name is Abbie and she befriends Lynn quickly. After sharing some words, and Abbie finds out Lynn had never left the den, and so never seen the outer forest, she takes Lynn with her. 

Meanwhile, One-eye tries to hunt a rabbit, but she escapes. One-eye is depressed because he knows Lynn is hungry, and he also realized he is getting older and sooner or later won't be there for her anymore. He leaves the hare to have something to drink. When he sees his mirror in the water, he sees who he once was, the assassin, and he also sees Lynn, what depresses him... until Thunder shows up again, challenging him to hunt her. 

Abbie has shown Lynn all of the forest, and then shows Lynn the alpine meadows, with the cows and rocks and stuff. When they reach the mountain top, she asks Lynn to howl. Lynn states that she can't howl, but she does show her screaming skills.

One-eye  has finally caught Thunder between his jaws, but then Silkey , the one who mainly ruined his past, shows up, with her henchmen. She orders Wolfie to attack One-eye, who is caught with surprise. They take wounded One-eye to a cave, where Silkey tries to make him tell her why he left her. One-eye, indeed, does refuse. He doesn't want Lynn to get involved with Rufus ' clan, and of course she may not know that he is the one who killed her father. After some useless torments on One-eye, Sparrow gives the final attack, unwillingly and One-eye becomes unconscious. 

It is evening, and Lynn is very sad that One-eye isn't back. She still remembers what happened past year with her real father, and she loves One-eye even more than she loved Norder, and her guardian appeared. Abbie asks Lynn why she is so worried about her adopted father. Lynn tells her about the death of Norder. Abbie and Lynn decide to search for One-eye.

One-eye wakes up in another cave. Silkey is alone now, and still tries to get the information she needs out of the old wolf. After she takes off his cyborg eye, he still doesn't speak, but after threatening that, if he doesn't speak, they'll need other young wolves to work for them, One-eye tells her about Lynn, and that he killed a lone one with family, what he never meant to do. Silkey gets mad at him, and lets Ru call for Rufus, so he can decide what to do with One-eye. She leaves him behind in the cave, tied up and depressed.


  • In the first scene, Lynn's collar vanishes for one shot.
  • One-eye is seen without the gun shot hole scar on his leg.
  • Both Lynn's and One-eye's ear notches change shape or location regularly.
  • One-eye is seen without his rotten fang.
  • The scene where Lynn gets jumped on by Abbie is colored very awkwardly and different from the rest of the episode.
  • One-eye is shown without his hump for the majority of this episode, and, when the hump is present, it's very small.
  • Lynn's collar is very dark colored in the first scene.
  • Thunder's back marking changes size and shape a bit in the second time she appears.
  • Abbie's spots change location and shape frequently.
  • One-eye is shown with inner leg markings at some points.
  • Surge's fringe switches sides in between shots.
  • Blitz is shown without eyes and with a nick in his tail.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is based of the game "Call of Duty"
  • Episode 2 is the most re-released episode.
  • The episode originally ended with Silkey appearing in front of the Cattledogs at the end, but this was later cut due to it messing up the timeline.