Episode 4: Between Heaven and Hell
Season 1, Episode 4

Air date October 2th, 2013 (original), November 3rd, 2017 (latest reupload)
Written by Lynnzl
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Between Heaven And Hell is the fourth episode of All Lone Ones.


Silkey is at the cattle farms. The mountain lion convinces Shiba, Strike and Tora to go after One-eye and kill him. As refund she'll make sure that no wolf from Rufus' clan ever attack the farms again. Onyx stays behind, because she doesn't trust the situation, but she uses the fact that she has to protect her cattle as an excuse to stay.

Back in the present, Abbie just woke up from a long slumber. She notices that Lynn looks really tired, and tells her that, even though she misses One-eye, Lynn should get some sleep. Lynn tells Abbie how much she misses her adopted father. The conversation goes off-subject and they end up talking about the way One-eye has always treathed Lynn. He apparently screamed a lot at her in the past and he also didn't train her for hunting and fighting like any other wolf. Abbie asks Lynn why she doesn't run away from him, but Lynn states that One-eye himself also loves her. He seems to have nightmares and depressed moods sometimes, and Lynn knows that that has something to do with his behavior. After that they continue their search for the elderly wolf.

One-eye is meanwhile searching for Lynn. He just escaped the cold claws of his cave prison and made it out of Rufus' clan territory. He is now on his way to the den. On his way, he notices a couple of Humandogs who are outside. One of them, misses one eye, and wears a cyborgeye over his scars. Since his old cyborgeye was broken, One-eye attacks a dog and steals his cyborgeye. One-eye doesn't kill the dog, however, like he would normally do with any dog. He wants to spare his powers in order to find Lynn. 

He is being followed by Shiba, Strike and Tora. Tora, being half wolf and having the strongest nose of them, is the main tracker. They first lose One-eye's scent, or stench, for a while, but Tora manages to find it back, and they continue their search, coming pretty close already.

While this happens, Onyx is talking to Wolfy about how she doesn't trust Silkey. Wolfy tells her that it might have something to do with the dissapearence of a number of their Cattledogs last year. Onyx thinks this as well and she goes after Silkey to see if the lost Cattledogs are there. 

One-eye has put his new cyborgeye on his scar, and after some technical difficulties it works. One-eye walks for a while and he comes across a familiar place: he notices a plain where he had walked with Lynn just after he took her with him. He doesn't want to look at it again, but he finds her scent. He looks up and goes after it. Meanwhile, not far away, Lynn scents her daddy as well. They meet up and jump into eachothers arms... paws.. whatever... but they underestimated the distance and crash into eachother. Abbie returns with two mice for Lynn to eat, and she then notes One-eye. She at first is disgusted by him: a deformed old wolf covered with scars and with a cyborgeye. The old wolf himself doesn't like her eighter. One-eye attacks her. Abbie knows that she isn't strong enough to fight back, so she dodges his attack and meows madly at him to keep him on distance. One-eye stops his attempt to fight, and he starts to growl at her. They both get interrupted by a high-pitched yelp from Lynn. She tells One-eye that Abbie is a friend. Abbie decides to become nice, too and she tells One-eye who she is and One-eye tells her as well. Lynn explains that Abbie is the one who showed her around on the mountain, which causes One-eye to go mad at her for not staying at the den. But when he sees how upset she becomes when he rages, she turns soft and asks Abbie why she is so big. Abbie tells him that she is a half Wildcat, which explains her seize. The elderly wolf decides to go back to the den, and Lynn asks him is Abbie can come with them.

They are watched by Shiba, Strike and Tora while having this conversation. Shiba notices One-eye and is shocked. She remembers her past, how, one year earlier, a grey wolf with the same diformities and scars visited her farm and killed both of her parents, Dexter and Marie . She closes her eyes when she remembers this, tears dripping down her cheeks. She knows that this is the same wolf. Her dark guardian appears and her wings unfold themselves. Shiba demands that they go now.


  • Tora's mane has the red and black colors reversed in a few shots.
  • The brown edge around Onyx's eyes vanishes once in the first scene.
  • Strike's eyepatch markng changes shape a few times.
  • In this episode, Tora actually makes noise, while she is actually mute. This was back when she ws supposed to be a character that simply didn't talk, not one that was mute.
  • The scratches on One-eye vanish in some shots.
  • The line "Lynn, you're okay!" is said twice in the episode. 
  • Throughout the episode, especially near the beginning, One-eye doesn't have his hump. 
  • Lynn's ears and collar are half-transparent in a few shots.
  • While he only misses one tooth, One-eye is also shown missing another one when growling at Abbie. The way his second tooth is missing is also physically impossible.
  • Dexter's notched ear is healed in a few shots.
  • Dexter's pupils also change size and shape in the same scene. 
  • During the final scene, the blood on One-eye's muzzle randomly dissappears a few times.
  • The same counts for the scratches Dexter gives One-eye. 


  • The title of this episode, Between heaven and hell, is a phrase from the song Kings and Queens by 30 seconds from Mars. To some people it is unknown why this episode is called like this, but it refers to One-eye being between heaven and hell in the biggest part of the episode. He just escaped his prison at the Clan, and is on his way to the one he just realizes he loves, so it is symbolic.
  • While the scene originally wasn't even going to be there, the last part of the episode, where One-eye attacks Shiba's parents, is to this day one of Lynnzl's favourites of the entire series.