Age 12.1 years at death
Gender Male
Group/pack Rufus' Clan
Species Duxos
Status Alive

"Five" (real name Gripsholm) is a slender old canine with a sand colored coat, grey ears, whiskers, and a grey beard and tail, as well as one gray hind leg. He has huge yellow eyes with big, thin eyebrows, dark brown inner ears and a blueish nose. Both his ears have various notches in them. 


Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

He made a small appearance as a pup in the flashback, remarking that young One-eye, who is just being brought in, is a hunchback.

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Five is seen patrolling on the edges or Rufus' Clan together with Rassa , Kwebso and Richard . He is the first one to discover Onyx in the bushes, but gets scolded by Kwebso because he is delaying the patrol. Later, when Onyx tries to flee, Five is the one who makes sure she doesn't move away before Kwebso and the others arrive. 

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

 Five is shown with the patrol. He sniffes at Onyx and asks Kwebso if he can eat her, to which Kwebso responds with some yelling. Five is shocked when Onyx mentions One-eye, and later freaks out when Kwebso reveals that he has no name, but just goes by Five. Before he can say his name, tough, he gets sat on by Kwebso.   

This is Our Home (ep 7)

Five appeared alongside the patrol, and is shown to be lingering behind for a bit, which Kwebso disapproves of. After Onyx reveals that she doesn't seem to like pray, Five seems sarcastic and starts drinking a squirrel as if it's a coke.  

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Five appears in the first scene, searching for Onyx with Kwebso. The old canine is not content that he is one of the members of the search party looking for the corgi mix at midnight. Kwebso won't have any of his nonsense. Five continues to search, and them stumbles upon Onyx. He tries to pin her, but her fat belly bounces him away. The quickly recovers and stands besides Kwebso as the dog tries to talk some sense into Onyx. When Kwebso claims that he is the one who found her, Five remarks that he was technically the one who did.  


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  • Five is based on Number Five from Neopets, one of the main inspirations for One-eye . His role was actually planned to be just a small appearance character, but later became the one character to tie the entire plot together. However, after the series was rewritten, his role moved to recurring character again.
  • Five has only three claws on each paw, as well as no thumbs.
  • It was intentional to give him his debut in the fifth episode.. 
  • Five was originally going to be a one-note character, but temporarily was actually very important to the series. Though he was a tertiary character at best, he was going to be the one to tie the entire plot together. But the series was getting way too long and complicated that way, so it was rewritten once more, with Five being a basic background character once more. Hence why he isn't seen in some of the last episodes, and overall doesn't add much.
  • It's been revealed that Five is not his real name. His real name was never supposed to be revealed, but some banter with the series' creator and her friends ended up giving him the name "Gripsholm" as a joke, after the Gripsholm lion. It stuck.
  • Five died not long after the events that take place in All Lone Ones episode 11, just because he was old. Since he was the last of his kind, this marks the extinction of the Duxos species.