Age 2.2 years at death
Gender Female
Group/pack Rufus' Clan (formerly: none- Lone One)
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Deceased

Maud was a black she-wolf with slightly paler markings and orange eyes.

Appearances Edit

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Made a small appearance.

ALO Short Stories #4: Forgotten Friendship

Maud first introduces herself to her group. Maud insults One-eye when he considers joining theirs. When the four wolves are on their own, Maud proceeds to bully the hump-backed pup. During training, Maud is assigned to fight him, and she proceeds to whine when One-eye defends himself and pins her down. Maud later tries to attack his remaining eye, but misses. Training practice continues until late. They talk about it and missing their families during dinner. Maud proceeds to bully One-eye, but stops not long after Silkey tries to stop her and Diggs. The bullying continues and so does training. Maud is assigned to fight someone during an assessment of Arrow, but fails. She continues to bully One-eye after all this time that has passed. One day, One-eye snaps and kills her.

Trivia Edit

  • Maud was originally brown instead of black.