Rou Hinkle
Age 3.5 years (All Lone Ones)

5.5 years (Renegades)

Gender Male
Group/pack Rou's Clan
Species Eurasian wolf
Status Alive

Rou is a pale gray wolf with white markings on his face, neck, chest, front legs, inner ears and belly, a dark tail, dark hair tip and dark ear tip, a pale nose with a scar on it, and brown eyes. His muzzle is rather squareish.

Personality Edit

Often seen as a bully, Rou is a bold wolf that won't think about speaking his mind twice. He is a real roughhouser, even when just playing around, and generally not very serious or intelligent. He often thinks more about himself, his mate, and his family, than others, and won't doubt showing his great fighting skills to anyone that even seems to doubt him.

Appearances Edit

Journey To Downfall (ep 9)

Rou made a brief appearance in the crowd, saying that it wouldn't be a surprise if Silkey had another bad idea. When the deputy announced that she was going after One-eye, though, he seemed to change his mind and cheered her on.

Rou and Taima in episode 9.

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Alongside his mate, he appeared during the assassin preparation scene, telling Silkey when he and Taima were ready for battle. He later appeared at the very end, at the Den, staring at a shocked One-eye.

Outcast (ep 11)

Rou was amongst the wolves who were sent by Rufus to attack One-eye at the den. Being part of the patrol, he first scolds One-eye, and is later sent away by Silkey. However, he disobeys and returns, attacking Lynn in the process and tearing off her ear. To make him pay for this, One-eye shreds his right ear, to which Rou doesn't respond very happily. He and the patrol are sent away again, only to be called back to the scene by Silkey minutes later. He sees Silkey pointing at One-eye's body (though in reality he is pretending) but doesn't buy it. When the patrol returns, Rou quickly gets embraced by his sister, Jewel, and his mother approaches him as well. They reveal how worried they've been and ask what One-eye was like. When Taima describes One-eye, Laika reveals to Jewel and Rou that One-eye was, in fact, their uncle.

Recreancy (Renegades ep 2)

Rou is scolding Zaria for falling asleep on her watch and warning her of the consequences of her actions. When Kwebso and Richard arrive, he asks them how their patrol went. When they make it clear that a territory invader got away, Rou becomes angry. Though he says he won't punish Kwebso and Richard now, but that there will be consequences next time. He also is about to tell Kwebso that the next morning patrol is his, but the dog already guesses this and finishes his sentence for him. When Richard leaves the Main Base, Rou points this out. Kwebso says that he'll go investigate, and Rou and his mate watch him leave.

Untitled (Renegades ep 3)

Rou calls for a meeting when Taima tells him that Richard has left the Clan. He calls Kwebso out on not having stopped Richard when he was defecting, and as punishment has Taima attack and scar the small dog. Things are about to get worse when Ru breaks things up. She tells him that Rufus would never allow his Clanmembers to get hurt or killed as punishment, and that Rou should follow Rufus' rules rather than enforce his own. Rou reluctantly agrees to this, and he banishes Kwebso from the Clan. Two weeks later, he, Taima and Rufus are together for a meeting. Rou and Taima voice their disapproval with how Rufus leads the Clan. The Clan leader seems genuinely interested in improving, but Rou then makes his true plan clear: his followers are currently taking out Rufus' kin and taking over. Rou then asks Taima to attack Rufus, which she does. Later, Rou arrives at the Main Base, where he calls for a meeting. Rufus' decapitated head is shown as proof of his death to the Clanmembers, and Rou announces that he has taken over and that the Clan from now on is Rou's Clan.

Family Members Edit

Actor Edit

Current Edit

  • Devon Black

Past Edit

  • McGrowl

Trivia Edit

  • Rou was one of the latest additions to the series, but later became very important for Renegades.
  • Rou is named after a member of the band Enter Shikari.
  • Though the whites of his eyes are rarely visible, it can be seen sometimes, mostly when he flattens his ears.
  • Rou's betrayal is inspired by Rune's from Cow Of The Wild.