Shinwa Edit

In ALO, Shinwa is believed to be the world's creator by the wolves, but is in reality just an allegory for the Christian Lord.

The Legend Edit

The Creation story according to wolves. It shows how Shinwa created the first two wolves: Kegyelem and Alaktalan. Both were friendly and got to live in the Paradise Valley the Creator had made for all creatures. They later got many wolves for them to associate with.

Kegyelem was kind and gentle, and the perfect wolf to be selected as King of the wolves, who all voted for him to be so after they saw his great and kind deeds. Alaktalan, however, did not have it easy. He was deformed: having a hump, one missing ear, and one missing leg. He was just like his brother at first in personality, but when he saw all other wolves admire Kegyelem, he grew jealous.

However, instead of facing this problem and trying to become loved by the wolves anyways, like by doing good deeds, trying to change his envying personality, or even just associating with others, he spend most time alone, and grew more and more hatred for his once beloved brother. He decided that, if he would become King, the others would love him, so he did various attempts to murder him.

Luckily, he never succeeded, but his lust for power and admiration had made him crazy, and he refused to even try to return to his old self, despite Kegyelem constantly pleading him to do so. In the end, the merciful King had no choice but to banish him, for Alaktalan would forever walk a dark path, and was even starting to wreak havoc amongst the other wolves.

Trivia Edit

  • "The Legend" is heavily based off of Christianity. This includes Kegyelem being a reference to the Messiah and his great deeds, and Alaktalan being symbolic for everyone that rejects the love and grace one could have through Him.