Silkey Jones
Age 12 years (All Lone Ones)

14 years (Renegades)

Gender Female
Group/pack None- Loner (formerly Rufus' Clan)
Species Catamount
Status Alive

 Silkey is a golden-colored puma with creamish and black markings and orange eyes. She has a black tail tip. Although she usually has both of her eyes straight, she has one lazy eye, her right. She has several scars on her face and misses a patch of fur on her left flank.  

Silkey was the second in command of Rufus , leader of the Clan.

Personality Edit

As a cub, Silkey was always very nice and energetic. She often got bullied because of her lazy eye, but Arrow attacked everyone who tried to mock her, so Silkey quickly didn't have to worry about that anymore. She befriended One-eye when he came into the Clan and immediately developed a close bond with him. She was a bit of a misfit because of her lazy eye and careless personality, while One-eye constantly got bullied for his hump. Silkey didn't care for his deformities tough, and grew to like him very fast.

But then her mother started to interfere in their friendship. Arrow hated that her daughter would hang around with such a low and deformed creature as One-eye, and that she didn't seem to care for her coming second in command position. She separated the two by threatening that One-eye would get killed if Silkey didn't stay away from him.

After being separated from her best friend for a long time, and being trained by her harsh mother, Silkey took the same grumpy, short tempered and harsh attitude as her mother had before her. Her friendship with One-eye is long forgotten, and she now thinks of him like rubbish.

Her opinion on One-eye slightly changed when he turned up again after being absent for a year. At first, she wanted to torture and eventually kill him to get rid of him, but deep down, she still remembered their friendship, and just didn't have the heart to do it. After losing her second-in-command position, she appeared to be devastated, and left the Clan while crying.

Appearances Edit

An Assassin with a Heart (ep 1)

Though not seen or mentioned, Silkey can be heard calling for One-eye.

The Call of Kitty (ep 2)

Silkey finds One-eye during his hunt, and orders Wolfie to attack him. She tries to get some information out of old One-eye, why he left and stuff, but barely gets what she wants. She ends up locking him up in a cave and taking off his cybereye.  

Assassin's Cried (ep 3)

Silkey is seen (as a cub) together with her mother, Arrow, discussing if they really have to snatch pups away from their families. Arrow tells Silkey that it is a must and Silkey apologizes for asking. Later, when Daniel refuses to join them, she stands alongside her mother, supporting her, though she does seem to have a few doubts about what she's doing. 

Between Heaven and Hell (ep 4)

Silkey approaches the cattledogs and asks them if they'd like to go after One-eye and kill him. As refund she'll make sure that no wolf or animal of their clan would enter the cattledog grounds to hunt for easy prey again. After some doubts, the cattledogs insist and go. Silkey agrees and leaves.

Clashing Fangs (ep 5)

Silkey is shown briefly in this episode, hearing the scream One-eye let out.

The Calm after the Storm (ep 6)

Silkey is shown to react rather strange to One-eye's scream. Kiwi asks her what's going on, but Silkey sends her off to go investigate where the scream came from. She herself goes back to the main base to welcome Rufus. 

This is our Home (ep 7)

Silkey first appears on the Main Base of the Clan. She sends Acero away and, after a servant alerts her that Rufus has already arrived, she quickly rushes to her den, prepares herself for the meeting, and visits it, apologizing to Rufus for being late. He, however, isn't angry at all. She later appears after the meeting is over, has a small talk with Lime, after which Kiwi arrives, screaming that One-eye is still alive, which shocks Silkey. 


Silkey conversing with Rufus

Rufus' Clan (ep 8)

Silkey gets humiliated publicly by Rufus in front of the Clan for her ridiculous plans to "let One-eye go to get to know where Lynn is." Silkey is shown to be incredibly sad, nervous and submissive here, and she tries to apolgize, but Rufus sends her away to her den. Later, in the evening, she is dreaming about earlier times, back when she was friends with One-eye. She wakes up after the dream is over, and realizes what she'd gotten herself into. 

Journey to Downfall (ep 9)

The next morning, a tired and not-so-good-looking Silkey arrives at a meeting with Rufus, Jade and Swift where they'll decide what to do with One-eye. Silkey apologizes once more for her mistakes and then suggests to the leader and his advisors that she'll go after One-eye with a strong patrol to murder him to remove the threat he might form to the Clan. Reluctantly, Rufus agrees and Silkey gathers a meeting with the Clan to make her plans public.  

Exclamation Point (ep 10)

Silkey is mentioned by Kwebso in the first scene, when he tells Walter he'd better go and join the patrol. The fighting patrol, led by Silkey, is later seen preparing for taking down One-eye. Silkey insists on being the one to bring down the old wolf. In the final scene, One-eye, Abbie and Lynn finally arrive at their den, only to find Silkey and her murderous patrol, ready to murder the Deformed Demon. 

Outcast (ep 11) 

Silkey appeared at the den, challenging One-eye, who got incredibly frustrated with her. They started to shout insults at one another, sharing their hatred for one another, but then one of her minions snapped her out of it. Silkey ordered the patrol to get out of sight and surround the area. She pinned One-eye to the ground when they were gone, but was reminded of their earlier friendship, making her spare his life. One-eye calls her out on this, when suddenly both animals see that the patrol has disregarded Silkey's orders to stay away and is attacking Lynn and Abbie. Silkey calls out her followers for disobeying them, and after some squabbling they go away again. Silkey finally decides not to kill One-eye and tells him to pretend to be dead. He does, and she calls the patrol back. They see One-eye pretending to be dead, but none of them really falls for it. Silkey leaves with the patrol before one of them can actually argue against her, though. Just before leaving, she tells One-eye to get out of his territory forever. When she arrives at the Main Base, she's confronted by Rufus. When the patrol tells him that Silkey probably didn't kill One-eye, the leader takes her apart in his cave and they talk. Silkey admits to once being friends with One-eye and just not having it in her to kill him. Rufus understands, but temporarily decides to remove her from her second-in-command position for the time being. This devastates Silkey to the point that she goes to her cave, gets some of her belongings, and then leaves the Clan.  


After a year of traveling alone, Silkey finally stumbles across the new home of One-eye, Lynn and Sam. She considers going to him and talking to him for a moment, but in the end decides against it, and leaves him be, deciding not to reignite their friendship.

Dissonance (Renegades ep 6)

Silkey rescues Kwebso, Jaire and Starlight from the river. She briefly greets Kwebso and Starlight before silently stalking away when their attention is turned to Jaire.

ALO Short Stories #1: A New Life

Silkey got mentioned very, very briefly. When the dog requests One-eye to bark, it is said that if he'd do that, Silkey would hear him. 

ALO Short Stories #2: Reika's Loss

Though not mentioned by name, Silkey's scent is found by Reika when looking for her missing pup. 

ALO Short Stories #3: Forgotten Friendship

Silkey is one of the main characters of this story. She first appears when Diggs and Maud are harassing One-eye after their training session. The young cougar calls for them to stop and eventually manages to persuade them into doing so. She later helps One-eye, who is hurt, get up, tends to his wounds, and apologizes for being so mean to him before. She does, however, seem to not like him too much and rushes him to get away from her.  


Silkey in one of the Forgotten Friendship thumbnails

After some time passes, One-eye keeps being bullied, but Silkey does also keep showing up and trying to help him, in her own way. She later decides to really befriend him and takes him to her secret tree where she hangs around a lot. One-eye follows her and after climbing it and talking, they finally confirm their friendship and decide that, because they're both looking funny, they might as well just be together. Silkey also decides that she'll teach the poor pup some of the moves Arrow tough her in order for him to be stronger and able to defend himself. After they leave the tree, her father, Brad, shows up, seeming very worried for his daughter. Silkey introduces her new friend to him, and they run off to the Base.  

Months later, both Silkey and One-eye have grown, and so has their friendship. One-eye is now a very capable fighter thanks to his friend. Silkey is shown to be very nervous for her friend during his assessment, but she's very happy to see that he managed to pass. When One-eye is feeling down because he didn't impress his bullies as much as he hoped he would, though, Silkey stands up for him again to them and later comforts him on their secret hideout. She and the gray wolf have dinner, but are caught being together by Arrow, who despises their friendship. Arrow takes Silkey apart and rants at her how she hates her daughter for not acting like a proper deputy should. Silkey seems just as annoyed with her mother because of Arrow's obsession with her job and the fact that the cub doesn't even want to be second-in-command. She can't get through to the adult cougar, though, who never wants Silkey to meet One-eye again. After some commotion in the Clan occurs, though, Silkey secretly still meets One-eye at their hideout and tells him everything. When returning to the Main Base, Silkey catches her parents arguing over her. Brad, her loving father, wants Arrow to be a decent mother to her daughter, but the second-in-command doesn't bother to change her mind. Silkey then decides to roll into some Clan member droppings to hide One-eyes scent and she appears on the clearing. Arrow pretty quickly realizes that her daughter went to see her friend while she was gone, but she has no proof, and won't punish her daughter with Brad nearby. 

More months pass, and, though rarely, when they can, Silkey and One-eye, and occasionally Brad, still meet at their secret place. One-eye is becoming a good Lone One assassin trainee and Silkey is being trained almost constantly by her stern mother. Now, they and Brad are at the hideout, where they discuss possibly running away until the adult cougar smells humans and tells the pup and cub to flee. Silkey and One-eye make it, but Brad gets shot by a Silent Pang and taken away by the people. The two youngsters are distraught and quickly go to the Main Base where they tell what happened, ignoring the fact that they are seen together by Arrow. The adult cougar is very worried by the Silent Pang, and goes off to make sure everyone is safe, while Silkey gets comforted by her friend. Later, when the two youngsters fell asleep besides one another, crying over Brad and knowing that their friendship has to end earlier or later, Arrow shows up and is livid. She pins One-eye and castrates him, despite Silkey yelling at her not to, and takes away her daughter roughly, threatening that if she and One-eye are ever seen or reported again together, she'll hurt him even more, or worse. Silkey looks at her broken friend one more time, and then leaves with her mother. 

After both Silkey and One-eye become young adults, they have changed dramatically. Silkey, under her mothers severe training that now isn't limited by Brad anymore, becomes much more lonely, cold, silent, and finally somewhat like the second-in-command her mother wants her to be. She doesn't view her friend as a friend anymore and starts to see him the way Arrow always has: ugly, a monster, a creature that doesn't deserve to live. One-eye turned into a brash and seemingly insane killer who just goes after Lone Ones when he can. The two have grown apart severely over the last few months, and, when they lock eyes, they seem to come to this final realization that they can never be together again. 

All Lone Ones Short Stories #5:

This short story starts with a teenage Silkey leading a patrol of the Clan. She gets, however, called to join her mother by a fellow Clanmember. She approaches her mother, who announces to Silkey that it's time for her to think about picking a future mate. Her mother sees Brad as a mistake for a mate, resulting in a disappointing daughter, so she took the liberty of collecting three possible suitors for Silkey that she actually likes. Silkey is appalled at this, but more or less goes along with her mothers plan. However, she decides not to make her decision until the time comes.

Years later, an adult Silkey is sitting in front of her mother's den. Arrow is dying, and doesn't make it. This makes Silkey the new second in command of the Clan. Soon after Arrow's death, her three suitors show up, urging Silkey to make a choice like her mother would've wanted. Silkey considers this for a moment, but then realizes that her mother is no longer going to bully her into submission, and she decides not to take a mate at all. 

Family Members Edit



  • Bloodyravenheart35 (adult, early teenager)

Past Edit

  • DiamonWolf404 (young)


  • Silkey's design is a mix between two earlier cougar characters form Lynnzl: Silky and Kitty. Silkey's conceptual design also was a mix between those two, but looked most like Kitty. Her actual design looks more like Silky.
  • Silkey is an aromantic asexual.
  • She has been described as copper-colored, like her mother.
  • Silkey's full name is Silkey Tess Kuga Jones. Kuga is a misspelling of cougar, and Jones is inspired by Davy Jones.
  • In the original episode 3, Silkey still had bright blue eyes and her entire cub coat with spots. This made her too young in comparison with One-eye, though, so in the updated version her spots are already half-faded and her eyes are gaining more pigment already, making her the right age.
  • Silkey's and Velfet's names are both misspellings of a way to describe texture, silky and velvet.